Çelebi Ground Handling's nearly half a century of experience, expertise, and success in the ground handling services industry enable it to surpass international standards in the provision of cargo handling services, one of the key branches of the aviation industry.

Because of the demands that they impose on attentiveness and detail, success cargo handling services is contingent upon carrying out all related processes without error and without interruption. The principles to which it adheres and the way that its employees perform their jobs play a great role in Çelebi Ground Handling's success in cargo handling services.

Cargo handling services consist of:

• Accepting cargoes that are to exported,
• Preparing cargoes before they are loaded,
• Supervising loading aboard the aircraft,
• Delivering incoming cargoes to import warehouses,
• Notifying recipients,
• Transferring cargoes.

Çelebi Ground Handling is a member of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and of the International Air Transport Association’s International Ground Handling Council (IATA/IGHC).